As featured in TimeOut this pretty, handmade bouquet pendant can be personalised to hold a photograph of your loved ones, to keep with you on your special day.

Approx 3cmx2cm, the pendant is made from sterling silver, with a silver beaded effect around the setting and a flower print texture on the reverse. Your photograph is set behind a rock crystal cabochon. Hung from an ivory ribbon this pendant can then be tied around your bouquet for your wedding day. It will make a beautiful keepsake of your big day or you can add a chain and wear it as a pendant.

To have your pendant personalised, scan in the photograph you wish to use, at 300dpi, or post to me for scanning and I will return it. The copy will then be resized to add to the pendant and your photograph will not be damaged.

Each pendant is 100 including P&P.

Cufflinks can also be personalised. Sterling silver with a vintage effect setting and approx 1.5cm round, your photograph is set beneath a rock crystal cabochon.

You can have the same image in each cufflink or a different one on either arm.

Cufflinks are 160 including P&P

These make a perfect gift for a special occasion.

If you would like to order a bouquet pendant or cufflinks, or for more details please contact me by email at: or by telephone on 07989744869.